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The Jamoon Bush Lodge was envisaged to preserve such an iconic place, to preserve the wildlife that inhabits area and collaborating with local communities to conservation of wildlife while preserve the local heritage, provide education and employment opportunities to locals and to promote sustainable tourism.

Walking Safaris

The Jamoon Bush Lodge is located deep in the forest on the banks of River Ramganga. We have plenty of trails around which can be explored on foot for amazing photo opportunities. You are accompanied by our skilled naturalists who ensure safety and security of our guests at all times

Remote Photography

The Jamoon has its own trail cameras which can be deployed by the guests to capture elusive cats and reptiles. If you wish you can also deploy your own cameras within our lodge.

Hide Photography

We have our own hide overlooking a private waterhole frequented by creatures of day and night which can be used by our guests to capture behaviour of Big cats, elephants, birds and reptiles without disturbing them. Sit around and enjoy nature at its most raw form

Night Photography
Unravel the nocturnal world by exploring it with a macro lense or try your hand at Astro photography or take some backlit spider webs
Bird Hide Photography
We have our own bird hide within the Lodge and have more than 300 species of birds in and around,  some of which are permanent residents of the lodge. Go capture to your hearts content.
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