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The Jamoon Bush Lodge was envisaged to preserve such an iconic place, to preserve the wildlife that inhabits area and collaborating with local communities to conservation of wildlife while preserve the local heritage, provide education and employment opportunities to locals and to promote sustainable tourism.




Jamoon started as one of our dream projects more than 2 decade ago. That was a time when angling was allowed as a sport in the Ramganga and Jamoon attracted the best of Indian and international wildlife tourism. With changing times, the rules and regulations of Corbett Tiger Reserve changed and Jamoon bore the brunt of this change as the camp was shut down for years. However, one aspect which remained constant was my vision for Jamoon and its potential.


This book and this project are a result of that vision and Indian wildlife tourism has matured over the years and the need of the hour is to reduce pressure from protected areas and develop alternative tourism models in the outskirts of the park. Fortunately, the buffer area of Corbett National Park is blessed with some pristine landscape and habitats and Jamoon is a perfect example of how wildlife lovers from across the globe can come and explore this landscape through the eyes of experienced naturalists and backed with sound research of species and their movement patterns in this region.

Communities are a necessary fuel to pump energy into any conservation module. We, at the Leisure Group, respect and recognize this fact and the idea of revamping Jamoon as version 2.0 of Indian wildlife tourism cannot be done in isolation without the communities surrounding this area.


Jamoon, hence is being developed as a sustainable tourism module wherein our endeavor is to make this venture self-sustainable and help the communities benefit the maximum through our initiatives.

I welcome everyone to this magical scape, and I hope you all will enjoy Corbett and its beauty from close quarters.

Enjoy your stay at Jamoon!


Jamoon & Leisure Group of Hotels

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